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Hi, I’m Christian Payne, and welcome! Payne Search offers 3 core services: Executive Search, Corporate Recruiting, and Onsite Recruitment.

I recruit and headhunt primarily within IT and enabling Digital Transformation. I also recruit in other areas such as Strategy, HR, and Finance.

I have been in Recruitment since 2003, with a mix of both being an internal recruiter, and as an external headhunter. I have owned Code Resourcing since 2015, and now Code Resourcing has re-branded to Payne Search.

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Nice 20km today, tapering down to Frankfurt marathon next Sunday. Anyone else I know running Frankfurt? #frankfurtmarathon #frankfurtmaraton

Bitcoin drops below the 8K mark for the first time in a month or so. I believe 7300 USD will be the ‘bottom’, but I certainly watch with interest! #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

If #Bitcoin breaks down below $7,700 then we are officially back in a bear market.

I don’t think that is likely at all.

We are in the #BTC bull market with $200,000-$300,000 as a likely target.

17 new metro stations opened today here in Copenhagen. 7 years in the making, and tomorrow I get to test out a new stop that is right by one of my key clients! #cphmetro

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