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Search and Selection is the process of ‘searching’ and ‘selecting’ the best candidates on the market for specific positions on behalf of our clients.

Finding the right candidates to match your need is really what it is about, but we all know that it is not as easy as that.

Considering that this is a talent-driven candidate’s market where a full stack developer will get more than 400 emails and inbox messages a month (!!), you need to stand out, as a recruiter and as an employer.

One of the main focuses for Payne Search is knowing how to really understand the job, get the candidates involved and screen them for a match.

Changing jobs is a huge thing for a candidate, a life-changing decision that they do not take lightly. Hence, Payne Search is heavily invested in ensuring the right selection of candidates each time.

The process

  • Start-up meeting with Hiring Manager. This meeting could also include HR, important stakeholders or relevant team members
  • Agreeing on job description and timelines which ensures commitment on both sides
  • Searching for the right candidates through our network, LinkedIn and many other sourcing methods
  • Video, phone or face-to-face interviews
  • Presentation of relevant candidates for the position
  • Selecting candidates for interview

All contact with candidates during the process will be handled by Payne Search unless otherwise agreed.

Assessment of the candidate(s) can also be offered as part of the selection process, at an agreed fixed fee.

Price and Conditions

Payne Search will work on either a fixed-fee basis or a percentage of yearly salary to be paid in 3 stages:

  1. 25% at the start-up of the recruitment, i.e. after start-up meeting with Hiring Manager
  2. 25% when presenting a shortlist of candidates
  3. 50% when the candidate signs the contract

All hires from Payne Search come with a three-month guarantee period. Should a candidate not perform to the expected level during this time, this is fully covered, and a replacement of a new candidate will be offered.


For more information on this service or prices, please do not hesitate to contact Payne Search at or contact Christian Payne directly by phone: +45 5370 9080.

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